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Digital Elevation Data Guidelines
The NDEP Technical Subcommittee has developed a set of guidelines for digital elevation data, Guidelines for Digital Elevations Data (Version 1.0) Get Adobe Reader, that address the requirements of the NDEP members. They are envisioned as general set of recommendations: flexible to meet changing technologies and accommodating a variety of data models and user requirements. The guidelines currently consist of 6 parts: general content and specifications, product descriptions, metadata profiles, definitions, map accuracy standards and references.
  • Part 1: (Content) consists of general information that addresses common issues and elements across all elevation data types: Surface descriptions; data sources; descriptions and geometry of coordinate systems and datums; and in-depth discussions and recommendations on reporting vertical and horizontal accuracies.
  • Part 2: (Elevation Product Descriptions) cites or links to elevation standards or specifications from various sources for particular elevation products. For instance, the guidelines cite the USGS Standards for Digital Elevation Models for regular gridded data such as Digital Elevation Models (DEMs), while elevation data created from LIDAR for use in FEMA Digital Flood Insurance Rate Maps (DFIRMs) would cite that agency's Guidelines for Aerial Mapping and Surveying.
  • Part 3: (Metadata) contains examples of metadata (data about data) for some of the elevation model types as well as a template for the recommended minimum metadata elements.
  • Part 4 consists of a glossary of terms used in the guidelines.
  • Part 5 contains the National Map Accuracy Standards (NMAS) and the National Standard for Spatial Data Accuracy (NSSDA).
  • Part 6 is the list of references.
Through its work on the Guidelines for Digital Elevation Data the Technical Subcommittee has developed a proposal to revise Geospatial Positioning Accuracy Standards, Part 3: National Standard for Spatial Data Accuracy, FGDC-STD-007.3-1998. A draft of this proposal is under review by the FGDC. Updated information on the status of the proposal is provided on the FGDC web site:

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